UrbanFarmerI’ve noticed that many currently adults in the 19-29 year range have migrated back to the big cities to be closer to work, entertainment and public amenities.

However, this new generation, more so than the Generation X group is very conscious of the food they put in their mouth. With the sudden rise in food and more importantly organic food stuffs, many of these Geration Y’s have taken their educated food consciousness with the as they nomad back to the city.

Perma culture and organic gardening has started to be noticed more and more in downtown housing courtyards, patios and even in some public parks. Landlords of upper end artistic grottos have even encouraged their renters to get creative and plant their seeds.

The world is a changing before our very eyes. The advent of the new generations may save us after all, with this new generation taking the lead in nutrition and frugalness.

As these same adults begin to have kids, many will eventually head back to the suburbs to be safer and nearer better schools. It is safe to assume that this at home organic farming trend will spread from the city back to the outer areas so the next generation will have better food choices.