Common sense tells us that the best insurance against health care cost is for us all to live simpler and healthier lives. All of us have stress. All we can try to do is control it and build our body’s immune systems up so we can handle the stress load. The two best ways to tackle that according to most doctors, physiologists and shamans are to set up a restful, peaceful area for our sleep environment and then to choose carefully the foods we eat so we sleep soundly and ward off disease in our rest. This resting we call sleep is the best medicine. A nice sleep area with healthy foods that we grow ourselves is the key.

In that vein, I have noticed a trend in that buyers are choosing homes more carefully and eliminating homes that have street noise or bright street lights. Buyers also turn down houses that don’t have a door separating the master bath area from the master suite or sleeping area. Plantation shutters are in big demand as it helps to shutout light and noise.

Another trend that I have written much about is the homebuyer request for a private yard or specious patio in order to grow organic and sustainable produce for economical and nutrition reasons. Many of these homebuyers happen to come from the Generation Y group that is demanding these types of amenities in contrast to the baby boomer generation who concentrated on RV areas, pools, jaccuzzis and large balconies. I believe that even in the bible, it says that the “young will lead them”. Maybe it’s time to learn from our younger generation some of their inclinations so we can sleep better, eat better and reduce our health costs, both to our pocketbooks and physical bodies.