For many years, homes were sold the traditional way. You had to go the local area where the home was for sale and after meeting with a real estate salesperson, you got go see houses. For most people, this was a long confusing way to find a home and many hours, days and weeks were wasted. A few years ago in the early 1990’s we still didn’t use pictures so much to market homes but from 1994-2007, color pictures of homes flooded the market. At first, there were blurry pictures of homes, cheesy pictures of real estate agents and some badly edited video. I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that the pictures are getting better and the virtual tours are being replaced with high definition video. This high definition video is changing the accessibility of real estate purchase for the average time constrained homebuyer. A high quality video of a home doesn’t have to be in any language as you can just play music behind the edited reel. You know what they say…a picture tells 1000 words. If that is true than video can speak a million words. Welcome to the new future of real estate. Who knows…after we get used to selling homes with high definition video, we will someday probaly be showing houses by use of holographic camera equipment that places a buyers 3 D image in a 3 D holographic representation of the particular home. A virtual reality showing if you will. Can’t wait for the future.