More and more yoga devotees in Santa Clarita are taking their yoga practice outdoors. It seems that the most natural combination for yoga is nature itself. We have interviewed a few of these people and produced a list of some of the most aesthetic natural spots in which to practice yoga outside the classroom. Here is our Top 7 List in No Particular Order:

1. Valley Glen Park: Large flat empty fields with high trees for shade. There are eagles, raccoons, squirrels, and skunks around this place. Very shady, green and perfect for yoga….dawn to 10PM. Located off of N. Mill Valley and Orchard Village in Valencia, 91355

2. Towsley Canyon: Amazing tree lined hikes between sheer vertical mountains with creeks and mini waterfalls. Step back in time to feel and see what Santa Clarita looked like before houses and people. Very tranquil and relaxing. Pure nature. Many different varieties of trees and flowers. Located just south of Calgrove and the 5 freeway on the Old Road. Just across the street from Calgrove Kennels.

3. San Francisquito Dam Ruins: Located 7-8 miles north on San Francisquito Cyn Rd from Copperhill in Saugus. The old washed out San Francisquito Cyn Rd is blocked now for good since the new road went in a few years ago. This closed off portion of the road is overgrown with trees, bamboo and with singing frogs along the roaring creek. Stand and do yoga above the waterfall on the edge of beautiful fragments of the old dam. It’s totally quiet here and perfect for an hour or two of yoga.

4. Placerita Canyon Trail: This wooded area with a creek is full of trees and wildlife. There used to be an old horse ranch here and if you climb to the top of the Walker Saddle, you can see parts of Pasadena on a cloudless day. This is a very spiritual place to practice as there is a waterfall hike that goes up gradually for an hour. Located east of 14 freeway on Pacerita Canyon.

5. Woods below Cal Arts: Just beneath Cal Arts is a woodsy area with signs that say your are welcome as long as you follow the no bike and dog rules. I’m not sure who owns it but it is a very natural place with creeks, fallen trees and a high hill with a large shade tree for practicing yoga when you want a view. Listen to the jazzy and minimalist music that trickles out of Cal Arts most afternoons. Located just below Cal Arts on Tournament Road.

6. Southfork Trail: This combination walk, bike and horse trail straddles San Fernando/Newhall Avenue and the homes behind Granary Square. This quiet place sits just above the Santa Clara river wash. Apparently you are allowed to venture down into the wash and hike or spend some time alone among the trees. This place is perfect if you’re in a hurry but need a quick place to practice yoga. The north entrance to this place in on Magic Mountain Parkway just south of Barnes and Nobles bookstore.

7. Valencia Paseo System: There are 48 miles of paved walk paths that wind through most of Valencia’s neighborhoods. Almost very cul de sac in the 91355 zip code area of Valencia has access and most Valencia parks are adjacent to the paths called Paseos. There are many quiet places under the trees to practice asana. Most residents don’t venture out to use the paseos so it’s easy to get some quiet time in while practicing.

Well, this is our Top 7 for outdoor yoga in Santa Clarita. The best part is that none of these places charge or have a fee. All paid for with our city, county and state taxes. Enjoy!