Homemade Bread & Jam

It doesn’t matter what market you are in, you still have to stage a house to sell it. The secret is to put yourself in the place of the homebuyers who will be looking at the home and then appeal to the five senses that we all share. The sense of smell brings back memories of being at home when we were children. Almost all people are reminded of their childhood when they smell cookies, milk, cinnamon or vanilla. It’s a fact of life that these smells bring back memories and images of yesteryear. For the past 50 years, some sellers have baked cookies, baked bread or put jam and bread for homebuyers as they go through the home. I have seen many buyers make an on the spot offer after being fed some “comfort food” which always tends to make people feel more comfortable. In this age of social networking and multi-tasking to get homes sold, this time proven idea may be the best idea yet. Bake some bread or cookies just prior to your showings by agents and home buyers and let the offers roll in.