As I enter my twentieth year in real estate sales, memories flood my brain from all the different situations and issues that arose during my career. I met many nice agents and clients and only had a couple of people that were ever not nice. The hours were long a grind but there was always satisfaction knowing that I worked for myself. I learned much about people, economics and negotiation during my years. The biggest thing I ever learned was that people don’t care what you know, half as much as whether they like you in the first place. I have seen many agents who weren’t that organized or attractive make more sales than other well equipped, talented and attractive agents. I learned that being nice to other agents over the years got more deals accepted on behalf of my clients than any negotiation talent I ever had. Giving and sharing information with clients and other agents was far more profitable in the long run than being greedy and trying to take more of a cooperating commission. There are so many memories, mostly warm and fuzzy that I have accumulated. As I set down today to look through some old pictures of my my “mug” over the last 20 years of marketing, I thought I would write a brief blog of my thoughts.