When I first got in the real estate business in 1991, the trend was to dress casual. Our office managers and brokers fought this trend by asking agents and brokers not to wear jeans or shorts in the office. Most of the agents who dressed casually were making many sales and so the rules were not enforced in the name of much business. The last 3 years has seen a shift in dress standards as the agent work force has a younger median age who have to compete against more experienced agents. These young lions are setting the trend by out dressing their older agents. In addition, consumers are much more picky about how who they do business with. Thus, agents are dressing up and even competing to be the sharpest dresser in the office. There are very few agents that wear jeans or shorts in the office at our company of several hundred agents. The trend is to be smart, sharp and focused on the client. To do that, one must look like they have taken care to present themselves in a professional manner. It seems us older agents have something to learn from the younger agents after all.