Absolutely gorgeous 45+ Acre parcel, divided by Hubbard Rd, which allows for a lot of road frontage on both sections of property. The stars and the moon twinkle in the night time, and expansive, scenic views throughout the day. Convenient location approximately 1.9 miles down Hubbard from Escondido Canyon Rd. (the one nearest to Crown Valley.)

img_3271  The road is actually paved until 1.6 mile, just before the property. However, the dirt road is well maintained and smooth. There is so much potential here, especially considering that tear downs in the area on far less acreage go for more money than this one. This parcel is zoned A-2. When you look at it on Earth View or by satellite, you will plainly see the unique potential and beauty of this particular piece. Hurry on this one.

img_3365   There is an old, capped off well with larger cement block large structure. There maybe an old, non-working septic tank on the property, There are remains of an old work shop also on the property. Buyer to investigate. There seems to be underground wiring going to well house and ruins of workshop.

img_3356   All of this sits at base or in the foothills of Parker Mountain. Awesome, special, sacred are all words that come to mind when i walk this property. There is moss, scrub oak, cactuses, flowers and assorted wildlife on this property all at the base of majestic Parker Mountain. This comes to $6,650 an acre or .15 cents per square foot. Wowee!