Serious Soldier Saluting

Military veterans are flocking to safe areas to buy houses after their time overseas Recently,at my open houses, I have met many women and men who have just got out of the military. Many  desire an affordable and safe area to raise their children. It seems these veterans are looking for good schools, safe walk ways and easy freeway access. In addition, many of these people are in need of outdoor activities to stay in shape. It is easy for me to help these folks as Santa Clarita has good schools,  scenic winding  walkways and lots of mountains and lakes. It has also been awarded as being in the top 10 for safety by the FBI. They have made the top 10 list for safety many times over the last 15 years. In summary, Santa Clarita is n choice for those getting out of the military. It offers, safe neighborhoods, good schools and much in the way of “free” outdoor activity.