Market Report for Santa Clarita April 2016

(April 1 through April 30)


Yikes, the market is hot and getting hotter in Santa Clarita Valley.  We just can’t take listings fast enough to keep up with the buyer demand. Inventory keeps shrinking and prices keep on creeping up. Real estate in an awesome locations is still the best bang for your investments. The fact you can borrow money at 3-4% to fiance real estate only helps.

The income tax deductions every April 18 only make investing in real estate even the more attractive and practial. Are you invested and are you invested enough? Please review this anlysis of market activity in the Santa Clarita Valley and tell me what you think.

Active Listings Status


468 Listings:   Year to Date

  28 Days:        Average Days on The Market

217 Listings:   April 2016 Only

$4,400,000:   Highest Priced Listing

   $140,000:    Lowest Priced Listing

   $549,000:    Medium Listed Price

   $634,971:    Average Listed Price

Backup Offer Status


  88 Listings:     April 2016 Only

  29 Days:         Average Days on The Market

$1,898,000:   Highest Priced

   $179,000:    Lowest Priced

   $474,900:    Medium Priced

   $498,261:     Average Priced

Pending Offer Status


56 Listings:     April 2016 Only

 15 Days:         Average Days on The Market

$1,350,000:   Highest Priced

   $130,000:   Lowest Priced

   $436,138:   Medium Priced

   $466,468:   Average Priced

Sold Listing Status


           274    Total Closed Sales in April

               83     Average Days on the Market

$1,000,500   Highest Priced Sold Listing

   $139,000    Lowest Priced Sold Listing

   $475,000   Medium Priced Sold Listing

   $479,000   Average Priced Sold Listing

      1.313%   *Absorption Percentage Rate


*The absorption rate is the rate at which active listed homes are sold in a certain real estate market during a given timeframe. Calculate it by dividing the total number of available homes by the average number of sales per month. The figure shows how many months it will take to clear out the supply of homes in the given market.